Legal Services

Timely Advice and Proper Planning Can Avoid Legal Problems.

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Legal Services

  1. Estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, probate avoidance, and advice regarding various planning and administration matters;
  2. Business organization matters, such as corporations, LLCs, or partnerships, that require choice of entity decisions and document preparation;
  3. Contract documents, negotiations, and other assistance toward final written agreements on contractual matters;
  4. Insurance Claims representation to get fair compensation for your losses and damages; and
  5. Family Law problems on uncontested matters involving divorce, custody, support, or modification issues that need document preparation and/or mediation services. Perhaps you and your spouse have worked out a divorce settlement, but are not quite sure how to proceed, and need help with the court documents. We can provide advice and document preparation services on court forms to make the process go smoothly.
  6. We represent individuals and businesses, and our friendly, experienced, and capable staff are ready to work with you to achieve your intended objectives. See our homepage link to Legal Tips, and also note other links to websites of interest listed on the left side of this homepage.

Legal tips are updated from time to time, and presently include:

  1. The Legal Checkup;
  2. Retirement Planning;
  3. Communicating With Your Attorney;
  4. Getting Started on an Estate Plan;
  5.  Automobile Collisions;
  6. Divorce Settlements and Mediation;
  7. Organizing Your Important Papers;
  8. Using a General Durable Power of Attorney;
  9. Stipulated Modification of Parenting Plans;
  10. What is Probate?